Camilla’s Story

Dear ASPS community,
Below is a personal story of Camilla who was diagnosed having ASPS in 1983 and today she is cancer free. If you wish to read more of Camilla’s story and ask her questions please check our forum. More details will appear soon in the “Personal updates” section. 

Camilla’s Story:
In 1983 I was diagnosed with metastatic Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma. I had a large tumor in my right inner thigh, 25 metastatic tumors in my right lung and approximately 30 metastatic tumors in my left lung. I started immediately an aggressive treatment, which included 4 surgeries to remove the primary and the metastatic ASPS tumors from my body. Then I had 2 1/2 years of chemotherapy.

Twenty four years have passed since I was diagnosed and 20 years since my last chemotherapy treatment. I am currently living a healthy, cancer free life in Portland OR , and I am an ER nurse. 

In 1997, despite all the toxic chemotherapy, I had a beautiful son. I am truly lucky.